About myself

My name is Roger van der Molen, I worked at Philips during the period 1990 - 2009 within several Product Divisions and/or Business Groups and gained a lot of knowledge and experience within the fields of Procurement, Operations and Logistics both on execution and managerial level. During 2009 I became an independent contractor. Based on my actual 25+ years of (international) seasoned business experience, my gained knowledge & (global) network, my own ideas, ambitions and the required education I'm offering smarter Sourcing Solutions, Consultancy/Interim Management and/or learning (training/coaching) services. My focus is mainly on the Sourcing disciplines like Purchase, Supply Chain (management) and (Outsourced) Operations (Management) within the (High) technology  "oriented" make industry.

In my 25+ years of working I have had a lot of different Jobs and/or assignments which are listed here.

In my 25+ years of working experience my customers have written recommendations about me and my work.

If you want to learn more about my sourcing competences please check here.

I write regularly a Dutch blog post which contains specific Sourcing topics and/or actual Purchase &Supply Chain subjects. Find them here.

I have made a toolkit of e-Books which can help you with your Purchase & Supply Chain challenges.

If you would like to get in contact with me you can do that here.

Latest News:

I am proud to announce that the vandermolensourcing.com website has been revamped 


If you find any problems with the vandermolensourcing.com website you can mail them to: thomasmolen3@gmail.com

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