For everyone who would like a short explanation about sourcing, here i have written some key parts about it.

Sourcing plays a key role within almost every company, it is the umbrella covering processes such as Strategic Purchasing, Procurement, Logistics, Outcourced Operations etc. I often call it Integral Supply Chain Management.

Sourcing has a huge impact on companies "Bottom Line" ("Profit/Loss", "Cash Flow", etc) and Customer Satisfaction.

Sourcing becomes more and more a competence rather then a specific department or function and interlinks all other key disciplines (processes) within the company (Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Finance, Production,..).

A professional and sustainable Sourcing is therefore vital to become and to remain successful.

If you are in need of any Smarter Sourcing and or Interim/Consultancy solutions then don’t hesitate to contact me as I will take care for a professional set-up and execution of the Assignment with all parties-stakeholders (internal/external) involved. I have a list of executed Sourcing and/or Interim-Consultancy assignments on the Past Assignments page.

In the past I have shown my skills which you can find on the Past Assignment Page.

I have made a toolkit of e-Books which can help you with your Purchase & Supply Chain challenges.

I regularly write a Dutch blog which contain specific Sourcing topics and/or actual Purchase & Supply Chain subjects.You can find them here.


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